YOUNG Coalition

Youth Organizers for the Now Generation (YOUNG) was founded by the Barr Foundation, the Merck Family Fund, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation,  and the Schott Foundation.  YOUNG is a youth-led coalition that organizes to improve the Boston Public Schools . Students are the most affected by reforms made in schools. It is our responsibility and right that we are included in education reform matters, that impact how we learn, what we learn, and from whom we learn. Through youth organizing action, YOUNG pushes forth urgent and positive changes for quality education.

Our goals include:

  • Increasing the student participation in public education reform debates,

  • Implementing strategies designed to strengthen relationships between students, families, teachers, and administrators to construct a competitive and exemplary school district.

  • Developing a school system that prepares the student body in becoming knowledgeable, engaged citizens.


YOUNG is built upon the premise that each student brings a unique set of characteristics to the learning process: different background knowledge, a unique learning style, a variety of interests, and varied levels of support at home. To anticipate that each student will learn in the same way, at the same speed, and using the same materials, is an unrealistic expectation. Our strategy of engaging students in the decisions that affect their educational development works because it takes the experiences of individual students and puts them at the center of the decisions surrounding the “learning process.” Through our work we have seen that for students to be engaged in this process, they need to have a stake in the educational system.

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