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We Are the Ones In the Classroom-Ask Us!


Utilizing its experience in Boston and Massachusetts, as well as the experience of other youth organizers across the country, Youth on Board is leading a project that aims to promote student involvement in teacher evaluations and improve relationships between students and teachers through constructive feedback. This project will catalyze a national shift that will emphasize the role of student voice, teacher support, educational justice, and positive classroom culture and places relationships at the core. To date, YOB has:


  • Developed a Campaign Guide that brings together experiences and successes from organizations across the country to share their stories with other districts interested in pursuing this campaign

  • Compiled and hosted an Online Toolbox with surveys, press release, letters, policy language for organizations to use to help their campaign

  • Developed a National Promotional Campaign on the importance of student voice in the classroom and improving student and teacher relationships as a vehicle for education and social justice

Thanks to the generous support of the W.K Kellogg Foundation, Youth in Board is able to share its experience with organizations, school districts, cities, unions, and states seeking to change their teacher evaluation systems. In 2012, the Kellogg Foundation awarded Youth on Board a three-year grant to expand the student-led movement around teacher evaluation nationally. In New York, Providence, Kentucky, and Mississippi, Youth on Board has trained and provided technical assistance to young people, their allies, and others working to win and implement robust, student-centered feedback and evaluation policies and practices.


Youth on Board's work around student involvement in constructive feedback and teacher evaluation 

is founded in the belief that students hold an invaluable perspective on what happens in the classroom, and that young people should be at the center of this work. By allowing students to participate in the evaluation of their teachers and by strengthening classroom relationships through informal and formal feedback processes, we can elevate the value of student opinion and positive classroom culture to help students and teachers succeed. The goal of the feedback and evaluation is to improve teacher effectiveness and student-to-teacher relationships through tailored professional development and support.

Youth on Board has produced two videos about student involvement in teacher evaluation. The first, We are the Ones in the Classroom- Ask Us! details the history of BSAC's campaign to get student voices heard in teacher evaluations. The second, What Every Student Wants Their Teacher To Know, features students and teachers talking about the impact student feedback has had on their classrooms and relationships. Use the buttons to the right to view the videos.

Watch these videos

Youth on Board is providing assistance to targeted communities from across the country that wish to take on this campaign. To learn more about constructive feedback, student involvement in teacher evaluation, and the Student Voice Photobooth project, please visit for resources and more.

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