Videos by Youth on Board and BSAC

Students & Parents teach you how to use the Boston Student Rights App


The app comes in handy in all sorts of scenarios for all sorts of people: students, parents, teachers, and more. Check out this video that BSAC made to let people know about the app, it's features, and how to use it.

Youth on Board and BSAC talk about the app!


In this video produced by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation for Youth on Board's nomination in the Larry O'Toole Education Award, Youth on Board Director Jenny Sazama and members of BSAC talk about the student rights app, the benefits of BSAC, and what we'll do with the prize. We won third place and will use the $10,000 grant to expand the mobile app!

New Version of BPS Student Rights App Launched!


The Boston Student Advisory Council launches the 2.0 version of the student rights app, with information about the code of conduct and reporting on its implementation. Report for BNN News. Aired June 7, 2016.

What Every Student Wants Their Teacher to Know


We asked students and teachers how constructive feedback impacted their relationships in the classroom. Here's what we learned:


  • Students LOVE their teachers,

  • Constructive feedback helps students communicate their needs to teachers,

  • Teachers value student input,

  • Communication is improved by constructive feedback and everyone benefits.


For more information on constructive feedback and student input in teacher evaluations, visit Student Voice Matters.

Young People's Message to the Superintendent Search Committee


In the spring of 2014, youth from BSAC and the YOUNG Coalition created this video addressed to the Superintendent Search Committee and Mayor Martin Walsh about the qualities they are looking for in a superintendent. You can download the search criteria developed by young people here

BSAC Testifies on Behalf of EduPROMISE Act for State Education Funding

BSAC Vice President Ahria Ilyas testified at State House on 3/22/19 because she believes in the promise of a better education, one only possible through the updating of the Massachusetts Foundation Budget through the passing of the PROMISE Act introduced by State Senator Sonia Chang-DÍaz.

BSAC Young People Share Their Climate Change Stories At The Youth Climate Strike

In Spring of 2019, students from all over Boston -- and the world -- joined the international climate strike on 3/15/19. Ebunoluwa Osinubi of BSAC spoke of her and her sibling's experiences with climate change while living in Roxbury, MA.

 Anthony Peña's speech at the 2018 March for Science

Watch BSAC and YOB leader Anthony speak about the importance of climate education, political action, and dismantling environmental racism at the 2018 Boston March for Science!

Evelyn's Plea -- Update the Massachusetts Foundation Budget NOW!

The Massachusetts Foundation Budget that allocates education funding to districts across the state is 25 years old -- beyond outdated. In the summer of 2018, Evelyn Reyes joined the education rally in front of the MA State House to explain that if we want to support our students and protect the future of education in this state, we must update the Foundation Budget (by supporting the EduPROMISE Act) now!

Engie Presents: Boston, the Sustainable City


BSAC member, Savina Tapia, narrates a stunning portrait Boston, the effects climate change has on our city and the quest to a pilot a sustainable initiative in Boston.


For more information please visit

We Are the Ones in the Classroom - Ask Us!


The Boston Student Advisory Council details the history of their campaign to get student voice's heard in teacher evaluations. BSAC succeeded in requiring all teachers to be evaluated by their students in the state of Massachusetts.

Youth Action Stories


The Boston Student Advisory Council participated in BRIDGES Youth Action Stories where they talked about how organizing has shaped their lives. Youth Action Stories is an audio-visual and writing project that shares the experiences, challenges and best practices in the field of youth-led social change across the U.S.

About Youth on Board


A video produced by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation about the partnership between Youth on  and Bikes Not Bombs.

Military Opt Out


Greater Boston Students for Peace presents its 2007 Opting Out Campaign, including our downtown rally and meeting with the Boston Public Schools superintendent.

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