Our Team

Core Youth Organizers

(Top row) Evelyn Reyes, Student Representative on the Boston School Committee; Fiona McManus, President; Katio Barbosa; Wellington Matos, Vice President (Middle row) Justine Dessalines; Calvin Tran; Oldens Polynice; Tiffany Luo, Secretary (Bottom row) Josiehanna Colon, BSAC Writer; Anisa Adawe; Lana Chan

Alumni Organizers

Carlos Rojas

Director of Special Projects

Carlos is the Director of Special Projects for Youth on Board, and is currently spearheading ListeningWorks, an initiative to address the current political climate of hate and division in this country, with Esteniolla. He served on the Boston School Committee as the student representative from 2011-2012, and has worked in various local, statewide and federal initiatives, campaigns and organizations, including  the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) and United We Dream (UWD), Massachusetts Save Our Public Schools, and the Boston Education Justice Alliance (BEJA), which he helped to found as a student leader at Youth on Board. 


Esteniolla Harbor

Director of Development 


Esteniolla has been connected to Youth on Board since her days as a youth organizer in BSAC over 10 years ago. Within the organization, she has held several positions as Youth Organizer, School Committee Student Representative, Curriculum Specialist, ListeningWorks Co-founder and Project Manager  and, now, as the the Director of Development for Youth on Board. Esteniolla is a former BPS student and teacher, a Bryn Mawr College Posse Scholar, and holds a Master's degree in Education. 


Kalise Osula

Youth Voice Specialist


Kalise was a freshman at Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) when she joined BSAC. During the past five years Kalise also gave back to her community in many ways including her work at the Food Project. Kalise currently attends Bunker Hill Community College where she is studying sociology.  Kalise is an active alumni staff organizer who supports current BSAC members and speaks powerfully about the importance of student voice and youth organizing programs.

Jean Charles

Climate Organizer


Jean helps support YOB/BSAC's campaigns by continuing to work on campaigns in affordable transportation and coalition work in educational justice, as well as supporting the Youth Organizers United for the Now Generation (YOUNG) Coalition. He works on these issues because he believes that they are integral parts in shaping the lives of young people and their future. Jean is a graduate of UMass Boston.

Denyse Stamfard-Wornum

Youth Organizing Consultant


Denyse served as President of BSAC in school year 2014-2015 and has returned to YOB to support youth organizing. Denyse has worked on BSAC's Student Rights App, fossil fuel divestment campaign, and school to prison pipeline work, among other projects. A proud mother of a future BPS student and a graduate of EMK Academy for Health Careers, Glorya is a tireless advocate for student voice.

Alexis González

Alumni Staff


Alexis González started off as a Steering Committee member before as BSAC's Secretary. Alexis has never been shy with sharing his ideas, and he was engaged in as much decision and planning processes as he could have been. Alexis was involved in were the promotion of bostonstudentrights.org, advocating for a student vote in the Boston school committee, BuildBPS project,, BEJA, MEJA, and BSACs Enviromental Justice and Sustainiability team. 

Nickoliss Twohads

Alumni Staff


Nickoliss is a BPS Alumni that graduated from Urban Science Academy class of 2018. After graduating high school, he became a City Year in Boston Public Schools giving time back to those very same educators who helped shape him. He now attends Bunker Hill Community College where he majors in Education. He is a strong believer in public education, student rights, equity, and climate justice. Nick had served two years in BSAC with one being the student body President. Nick now serves as an alumni supporting other youth in college and career readiness.

Crystal Aneke

Alumni Staff

Crystal joined BSAC her sophomore year of high school while she attended the O’bryant. During her time she worked on numerous campaigns to help improve the life of her community and peers. After graduating she enrolled at Fitchburg State University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. Her work didn’t stop there, she continued supporting BSAC by assisting with the summer program and guiding the future core youth organizers for two summers. Currently, she is assisting with the development of the BSAC Alumni Association.

Ayomide M. Olumuyiwa

Alumni Staff

Ayomide was the former student on the Boston School Committee serving two consecutive terms. He is also a member of the YOUNG Coalition.  He's worked on numerous campaigns that were both local and nationwide such as the National Student Bill of Rights, BSAC's  Climate Justice campaign, as the Students Rights app and student feedback project. Born and raised in Boston, a second generation Nigerian who is studying Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in addition he has enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program.

DeRoss Jordan

Alumni Staff


DeRoss joined BSAC his sophomore year of high school while he attended Dorchester Academy. Deross now studies at Bunker Hill College and continues to be an active part of the BSAC community as alumni staff.

Keondre McClay; Norsha Hydol; Nickoliss Twohads; Joseph Okafor; Stanley Aneke

Adult Staff

Jenny Sazama, Director & Co-founder


Jenny is a nationally recognized leader in the youth organizing and youth development fields. She has spearheaded successful youth engagement efforts in Boston, all over the country, and overseas. Her work is based on the idea that building strong relationships is the key to effecting real change, and the belief that everyone benefits when young people have a say in the institutions and policies that affect them. 



Maria Estrada, BSAC Student Engagement Manager


Maria Estrada co-administers the Boston Student Advisory Council and has demonstrated her commitment to youth leadership through a wealth of professional experience serving in several non-profit organizations. Maria’s role at the BPS Office of Engagement increases student involvement through nurturing rapid growth of BSAC and providing training and support to teachers and staff on student engagement at the school-based and district levels.



Rachel Gunther, Associate Director


Rachel is involved in all aspects of YOB and has worked for over twenty years with adults and young people to strengthen community involvement and ensure access to high quality education and services. When she joined Youth on Board in 2002, she brought a wide range of experiences to her role, including writing and editing publications, marketing, program design and evaluation, financial administration, and providing technical assistance to organizations.



Jessica Tavares, Special Project Coordinator


Jessica is a Boston Public School Alumni that graduated from the O’Bryant in 2013. During high school and college, she worked with MassCosh. After double majoring in Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy and Political Science & Global Studies from Wheelock College, Jessica is in her second year of service as an AmeriCorps’ VISTA at the Boston Student Advisory Council.

Karen Young, Founder


For three decades Karen has been actively engaged in advocating for the empowerment of young people. A graduate of Humboldt State University, Karen began as a college student organizer and rapidly became a national voice for student action. Serving on staff at the Campus Outreach Opportunity League, she was involved in the development of the National Service Act of 1990. 



Tyler Rivera, Lead Climate Justice Organizer


Tyler Rivera coordinates the Boston Student Advisory Council’s environmental justice and climate change campaigns, ensuring that Boston’s youth are at the center of climate change conversations and decision-making. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he previously served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with NYC Youth Leadership Councils, a youth civic engagement program administered by the NYC Office of the Mayor. Tyler is committed to building power with historically marginalized communities, and to winning a just, vibrant future for all.

Ahria Ilyas, Climate Justice Coordinator


Ahria Ilyas was a previous BSAC/YOB member from junior year until she graduated high school in 2019. She still wanted to remain connected to the social justice work while in college, and decided to take on the responsibility of being a staff member for the Environmental Justice Subcommittee.

Rebecca Holland, Education Justice Coordinator


Becca Graduated from Boston Latin Academy (BLA) and is now enrolled at Lesley University where she is studying to become a teacher. During her time at BLA, Becca was committed member of BSAC. Now, she continues her commitment as an alumni staff member.

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