Youth on Board provides tailored training, technical assistance, and consultation to clients, including organizations, school, religious groups, and public institutions. Contact for more information on how Youth on Board can help your organization and a price quote. Click here for a list of past clients.


Strong relationships, complete collaboration, and open communication form the foundation of Youth on Board's unique work with clients. On this base, we build our step-by-step approach to increasing young people's involvement and creating permanent structures to support youth voice. 


We bring clients through a thorough organizational assessment process to help identify goals, resources, and barriers. We want to hear why youth engagement is important to you, what your dream of youth activism and organizing looks like, and what obstacles you have encountered in the past.


Once we know your vision, we inspire you to achieve your dream. We believe the potential for change is locked within systems. No matter how rigid they seem, systems are made of people, and people can learn to change.


Based on our assessment, we help you develop an individualized and realistic work plan to get behind young people as they move to the center of your community. The key to meaningful change, building mutually respectful relationships, will be the foundation of every plan.

If you are interested in getting young people on your Board of Directors, we suggest 

purchasing 15 Points: Successfully Involving Youth in Decision Making from our publications page and contacting us to see if a consultation is right for you.  

Examples of our work:

Improving Youth/Adult Partnerships
Understanding Adultism
Developing Student Advisory Councils
ListeningWorks - Action & Support Model
Social Emotional Learning Practices
Youth Organizing and Activism
Program and Curriculum Development
Involving Young People in Decision-Making
Coaching Adult Allies
Young People on
Boards of Directors

Social Emotional Learning Environments

Youth on Board is an organizing agency, and we learned over twenty years ago that you can’t do effective organizing without paying attention to the social emotional needs of the young people with whom you work. The resulting philosophy and subsequent approach is a space where young people feel prepared to tackle injustices, but also feel safe experiencing a variety of emotions – exhaustion, frustration, relief, giddiness – without being made to feel that they are distracting the group from “the work.” While it may seem basic, recognizing that young people need nourishment and laughter to sustain themselves is part of what sets us apart from some other “business as usual” groups.


Create Permanent Change
As we build upon the solid foundation of mutually respectful relationships, attitudes will shift, and people will discover new ways of working together and become increasingly invested in the process of change. When everyone is committed, your institution will reach a "tipping point" where youth voice becomes an accepted, supported, and permanent part of its structure.


Provide Experience and Expertise
Youth on Board staff bring a total of over 40 years' experience in providing assistance to organizations, public agencies, and schools. Throughout our work with you, we provide technical assistance, coaching, and support to make sure your plan is successful.


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