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In the past 20 years, Youth on Board and BSAC have been recognized in print and digital media, referenced as case studies, and featured in news stories.

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Gas leaks in Boston produce twice as much methane as previously known, study finds

The Boston Globe

100 climate activists protest at one of Massachusett's biggest gas leaks which is responsible for half of the state's overall methane emissions and 7% of its gas leaks. They stood at the sight, right across from MA's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and demanded that the electric companies take care of the gas leaks as legislation passed last year requires.

Boston residents demand “fair fares” from the MBTA

On July 22, the Green Justice Coalition led a rally to demand “fair fares” for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Despite increasingly unreliable service, the MBTA raised rider fares this July for the fourth time since 2012.  The president of the Boston Student Advisory Council, 18-year-old Stanley Aneke, stated emphatically “Boston has a lot of lower-income communities and young adults that are constantly impacted by [increasing fares], and this catastrophe needs to end.”

Schools Teach Civics. Do They Model It?

Education Week

In Boston schools, students had participated in drafting a new student code of conduct in 2014 but there were still issues with that code being understood and followed by the administration. The Boston Student Advisory Council stepped up and created an online resource that details student rights, protested against budget cuts, and worked towards selecting a promising new superintendent.

Movement to Build National Support for Green New Deal Starts in Boston, ‘City of Revolutions’

The Sunrise Movement began their national tour of U.S. cities with a sold-out rally in Boston on April 18. Members of the Boston Student Advisory Council and Sunrise Boston told stories about why they decided to join the climate movement. Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and Reverend Mariama White-Hammond all spoke at the rally about the importance of climate action.

Public interview process for Boston Public Schools superintendent candidates announced

The Boston School Committee has released the schedule of interviews for the new superintendent. While the names and number of candidates are confidential, the panelists conducting the interviews are now public.

Meet the Youth Climate Activists Who Are Leading School Strikes

Education Week

Adam Crellin-Sazama is interviewed about leading school strikes in Boston prior to when he and thousands of students plan to participate in the Youth Climate Strike U.S.

Boston Public Schools launches first 'Respect Week'

During Boston Public Schools' "Respect Week", all middle and high school students will watch a video called "Stay Out of the Box," which is designed to teach students the importance of staying safe and respectful with their peers in person and online. The video was co-produced by the Boston Student Advisory Council and the BPS Office of Equity and acted and narrated by students. 

Chang-Díaz Leads Charge (Again) for Education Funding Reform Bill

Jamaica Plain News

Legislators, municipalities, teachers, students and education advocates, including BSAC, came together to promote the Education Promise Act. This bill would reform how the state funds education, including allocating funds for a universal pre-K. 

A new Massachusetts law mandates experiential civics learning in school. It’s one way to ensure a better democracy in our children’s future

The Philadelphia Citizen

A new law in MA ensures that the public school system provides classes and projects on basic skills and confidence to become informed and active citizens. "In addition to teaching American history and civics education, the Massachusetts law requires all public schools to provide students with student-led civics projects. It also establishes a Trust Fund to provide professional development to teachers, prioritizing underserved communities in “school districts with high concentrations of economically disadvantaged students.”.

Superintendent search committee hears from teens: BPS students weigh in on qualifications for next superintendent to lead system

Bay State Banner

The Boston Student Advisory Council hosted 5 listening sessions between Oct. 30 and Dec. 10 at the School Committee Chamber in Dudley Square in order to allow students to express what they're looking for in a prospective superintendent. 

At 'Intersections' From Roxbury To Andover, Students Stand Together For Gun Control

Boston-area student-activists lobbying for gun control this month acknowledge an inconvenient feature of the national debate they’re getting into: There isn’t just one “gun problem” facing young people in America.

That fact wasn’t lost on 16-year-old Evelyn Reyes, a sophomore at the John D. O'Bryant School. Reyes, the daughter of a Honduran immigrant, is a member of the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) — the official body for student leaders from Boston Public Schools (BPS).

Coalition Wants School’s ‘Climate’ Considered During Assessments 

The Boston Herald

A coalition of student groups and civil rights organizations want the state to assess suspension rates, discipline and “climate” when judging schools’ performance.

The push from the Youth on Board, the Boston Student Advisory Council and other groups comes as the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is considering expanding how it judges school performance beyond standardized testing as it puts in place new federal rules, known as the Every Student Succeeds Act. PDF

Thousands Rally on Boston Common to Demand Action on Climate Change

The Boston Globe

Timothy Gay, a Boston Latin School environmental science teacher, said he was prompted to start after reading a New York Times article about many science teachers lacking the knowledge and lesson plans to adequately teach the next generation about climate change.

The Boston Student Advisory Council helped develop the curriculum with support from the Boston public schools and Youth On Board, which helps organize youth voices. PDF


Pols Eye Fix for ‘Broken’ School Budget Formula

The Boston Herald

Kalise Osula, a 2015 graduate of the Boston Community Leadership Academy and member of the nonprofit Youth on Board, said funding cuts were painfully obvious to her as a student: “In both my middle school and high school there were no librarians, there was no gym. More and more I saw teachers taking on responsibilities outside their subjects.” PDF


Connection, Support Helps Us Build Our Youth Movement by Carlos Rojas

Young people have always been at the front and center of social and political movements. Our flexibility, creativity and perspective make us the perfect group to lead critical masses of people toward justice. PDF


In Boston, Youth Activists Call For Increased Job Funding And Juvenile Justice Reform

WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station

Youth activists from across the state rallied at the Old South Church in Boston's Copley Square Thursday, demanding state and city leaders increase funding of jobs for young people and reform the juvenile justice system. PDF


Boston Eyes Later Start Times for High Schools

The Boston Globe

The Boston school system is wading into the contentious debate about whether high school students should start classes later in the morning in an effort to increase academic achievement, punctuality, and attendance. PDF


Budgets Shrink at 49 Boston Public Schools

Bay State Banner

Boston’s struggling Brighton High School will lose about $1 million under the latest Boston Public Schools budget proposal, according to school department data. Brighton is far from alone: 48 other schools also face funding declines of varying amounts.

“I’m terrified as to what these cuts are going to do to my school,” said Hibo Moallim, a Brighton High senior and member of the Boston Student Advisory Council, in a Banner phone interview.  PDF


Boston Student Advisory Council Sparks Dialogue with Wellesley Students

The Wellesley News

On Feb. 21 a panel of six BSAC members gave a talk in the Pendleton Atrium in which they discussed issues within the public education system in Boston. PDF


Boston Students Launch New Version of ‘Know Your Rights’ App by Alison Pohle

The app is available for Android on Google Play, and can be accessed on any device through visiting its website. PDF


Boston Students Speak Out, Make Change with Support from Youth on Board by Stell Simonton

"Young people in Boston have created what may be a $5 million impact in their city. Public school students came together as a youth council, with involvement and organizing support from Youth on Board, a 22-year-old nonprofit working to make the voices of Boston youth heard." PDF


Boston public school students overtook the district’s budget forum Tuesday with tough questions for the superintendent by Alison Pohle

"they hoped students would run through an activity that would simulate the decisions school officials make during the budgeting process, including ideas for investments and reductions. But most of the students in attendance didn’t want to run through hypothetical numbers. They wanted to talk about the current budget situation" PDF


Boston students walk out to protest school cuts  by Jeremy C. Fox

The Boston Globe

"Hundreds of Boston students walked out of class Tuesday to protest cuts to the school budget, then thronged City Hall Plaza and an emotional City Council hearing to call for full funding of education." The Boston Globe PDF


Boston’s Outrageously Condescending Response To High Schoolers Protesting Education Budget Cuts by Casey Quinlan

"Boston’s Outrageously Condescending Response To High Schoolers Protesting Education Budget Cuts." ThinkProgress PDF


BPS student walkout wins half-victory by Jule Pattison-Gordon 

Bay State Banner

"BPS Student Walkout Wins Half-victory."BPS Student Walkout Wins Half-victory. PDF

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