National Action Civics Collaborative (NACC)

Founded in 2010, NACC’s mission is to close the civic engagement gap by implementing Action Civics, student- centered, project-based, high-quality civics education, as a critical component in every school and youth organization throughout the country.  The ultimate vision is that all young people are prepared to be active and informed citizens.


YOB was a founding member of NACC that worked in collaboration with five community, school, and university-based organizations concerned about the state of civics education in this country.


NACC members aim to:


  • Collaborate across member organizations to strengthen, refine, fund and grow our work through in-person conferences and via online/phone communications.

  • Promote and expand the practice of Action Civics, both within the civics education movement, and the larger education reform space.

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of Action Civics in increasing student civic knowledge, skills, and motivation, thereby decreasing the civic engagement gap.

  • Train interested institutions, educators, and citizens in the philosophy, practice, and outcomes of Action Civics.


To learn more about action civics, NACC activities and participating organizations, or to become a member of NACC, please visit

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