Can't attend one of our ListeningWorks trainings? Check out our videos below to get a taste of the resources available to you and your organization. Don't forget to visit our main page for more information. 

ListeningWorks Webinars
Get an interactive look into a unique set of tools that will foster support within your organization and deepen community engagement!
Resistance School Collaboration
Learn how action & support go hand-in-hand! Check out our mini-web training on Listening Partnerships & Deep Canvassing. 
Tips & Thinking: Sustaining Social Movements
Sustainable community organizing first starts with the individual and the group of people committed to change. Hear our thinking on common issues that threaten social movements and tips on how to protect them using support!
Coming Soon!
  • Addressing Triggers in Organizing Spaces
  • Perspectives on Attacks and How to Handle Them
  • Centering Climate Change in ALL Organizations
  • Using A(ffirm), B(ridge) & C(onnect) to Navigate Any Difficult Conversation
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