Climate Curriculum


We feel that students deserve to fully understand how climate climate change works and the many distinct ways it affects people. This belief inspired us to partner with BPS science teacers on a climate curriculum that not only explains to students the science behind climate change, but also address social justice impacts it has on people and communities.

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High School Lessons


Lesson One - Climate Science and Policy

Lesson Two - Sea Level Rise and Carbon Footprints

Lesson Three - Ocean Acidifications

Lesson Four - Cowspiracy

Lesson Five - Solutions Project

Lesson Six - Paleoclimatology

Lesson Seven - Anthropocene Era

Middle School Lessons

Lesson One - Data Analysis

Lesson Two - Greenhouse Effect

Lesson Three - Convection Cycles

Lesson Four - Thermal Expansion and Land Ice

Lesson Five - Ocean Acidification

Lesson Six A - Renewable Energy

Lesson Six B - Carbon Emission and Carbon Footprint

Lesson Seven - Coastal City Design

Elementary School Lessons


Lesson One - What is a watershed?

Lesson Two - How do Earth materials move in a watershed?

Lesson Three - How do pollutants move in watershed?

Lesson Four - Boston Harbor cleanup

Lesson Five - Lobster Lesson

Lesson Six - Reducing Stormwater Runoff

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