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Youth on Board co-administers the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) with the Office of Engagement of the Boston Public Schools.  BSAC is a citywide body of elected student leaders representing most BPS high schools. BSAC organizers work to identify and address pertinent student issues, thereby putting students at the center of the decisions that affect them the most. BSAC acts as the student union of the district, leading organizing efforts, forging relationships with district and city-leaders, impacting policy change, and transforming school culture across the board.

BSAC has played a key role in advising the School Committee and the Superintendent on district policy, working with the Headmasters on student climate issues, and informing students of their rights and responsibilities under district rules.  Click through the titles below to see a snapshot of what BSAC is currently working on.  If you are interested in joining BSAC or learning more, contact Maria Ortiz at  

BSAC promotes safe and supportive schools for all students by providing feedback and advocating for BPS policies, and has made them easily accessbile to students and families with the Boston Student Rights app.

Mobilizing young people to confront climate change and the threat it poses to their neighborhoods & futures, BSAC promotes fossil fuel divestment, solar panels on school buildings, climate curriculums and other green goals.
Through the implementation of a fair and equitable Code of Conduct, and by promoting restorative justice practices, BSAC is transforming BPS school discipline and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.
Rooted in the belief that young people recognize good teaching and that student feedback can develop positive relationships in the classroom, BSAC successfully pushed for district and state level policies granting students the right to provide feedback on teacher performance.
BSAC is working on other campaigns, projects, and initiatives, including:


  • Transit Justice

  • Student Vote on School Committee

  • Education Equity

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Extended Learning Opportunities & Action Civics


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