Involving Young People in Decision-Making 

We support organizations to better involve young people in decision-making.  Use this checklist to help you think about important factors in successful youth involvement in decision-making, and challenge your organization, school, club, self, etc. to do more.
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Local & State

Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC)


BSAC is administered in partnership with the Boston Public Schools and YOB.  BSAC is Boston's student organizing union and is made up of BPS student leaders representing most high schools in the city. BSAC works to identify and address pertinent student issues, thereby putting students at the center of the decisions that affect them.


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We work with local young people as they do powerful organizing and change work.  We also participate in national efforts that place young people at the center of the decisions that affect them most.  Please sign up for our newsletter, watch our videos, or send us a note!

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ListeningWorks is Youth on Board’s latest national project that was created in response to the current political climate of hate and division in this country. ListeningWorks trains and supports movement builders and community leaders to harness proven listening, healing-based and human-centered strategies that deepen community activism.
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Boston Student Rights App


BSAC developed the first app of it's kind in the country, so students, teachers, and parents can know students' rights!   The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans tweeted an article about BSAC's Boston Student Rights App and the app has over 12,000 downloads!


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Sustainability & Climate Justice Initiatives
We fight for climate justice because climate change threatens the future of young people and disproportionately impacts people of color and low income communities, To ensure young people have a sustainable future, BSAC works on:
- A BPS approved Climate Curriculum
- Green Energy Initiatives (like CCE)
- Green Buildings (Recommendations and retrofitting)
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Social Emotional Learning 
Youth on Board is a national leader in the field of social emotional learning (SEL) and has partnered with Chicago's Susan Crown Exchange and the Weikart Center to release a field guide for after school programs to use best practices to provide young people with critical social emotional skills.  
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Civic Course & Badging
Students who go through BSAC leave equipped with skills that prepare them for many facets of life, including higher education, career readiness and a life-long commitment to civic engagement.
Read more to learn how our youth are being prepared for civically engaged lives through merit badges and lobbying for youth civic engagement at the sate level. 
Gun Violence Campaign
In response to the pervasive and  often overlooked gun violence experienced by numerous communities in and around Boston, we are working on a youth-driven campaign in partnership with other  organizations across the City of Boston to bring awareness to the realities of urban gun violence and try to prevent more in the future. 
Interested in working with us on this campaign?
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Education Justice 
Youth on Board helped to co-found the Boston Education Justice Alliance in 2012-2013 and the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance in 2014 to bring students, parents, teachers and community together in the fight for fair and equitable school funding, an end to the school-to-prison pipeline, and authentic community-based school models.
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